Dangerous Breed - Peacock (USA)
Exhumed - Oxygen (USA)
R. Kelly: His Friends Speak - Reelz (USA)
Ken & Barbie Killers - Reelz (USA)
The MOVE Bombing - Reelz (USA)
War of the Republic of Texas - Reelz (USA)
Deadly Standoffs - Reelz (USA)
Fall River - Epix (USA)
A Mother's Voice - Telus (Canada)
Natalee Holloway: Her Friends Speak - Reelz (USA)
Jodi Arias: Her Friends Speak - Reelz (USA)
Charles Manson: The Funeral - Reelz (USA)
Casey Anthony: Her friends speak - Reelz (USA)
Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story - Superchannel (Canada)
Sex, Lies and Murder - Reelz (USA) Superchannel (Canada)
The Shocking Truth - Reelz (USA)
Charles Manson: His Final Words - Reelz (USA)
Goalie: Life and Death in the crease - Superchannel (Canada)
Born Blue: The Guyana Project - CBC Documentary (Canada)
Carisa Hendrix: Girl on Fire - Superchannel (Canada)
The Salvation of Todd Bentley - Superchannel (Canada)
Expedition Earth: Great Bear Rainforest - Nat Geo Wild (Canada)
Seasons of the Wild - (Canada)
Wild Obsessions - Animal Planet (Canada)
Back in the Saddle: Faceoff with the Flood - Sportsnet (Canada)
Best in Chow - CMT (Canada) Cooking Channel (USA)
Rowdy Roddy Piper: World of Hurt (Cave)
W5: Murder For Love - CTV (Canada)
@nenshi4mayor - OMNI (Canada)
Jann Arden: Free - CTV / Bravo (Canada)
Stan Lee: Books Into Film - Bravo (Canada)
Cannes: The Film Festival Project - Corus, Superchannel (Canada)

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